Your employees deserve the best, so check for the badge

Schools across the country are checking for our 403(b)/457(b) Certified Badge. Because agents representing National Life Group undergo a comprehensive vetting and training process we know your employees are getting the retirement education they need.

We at National Life Group have been working with plan sponsors to provide education and empowerment for their employees for decades. This is how we know that you deal with a number of different things on a daily basis. We know that you want your employees to be able to make informed decisions about their retirement options and we know that you want them to get that information from representatives that understand retirement and will listen to what your employees’ needs and wants are.

We created our Certified Training program so that we could be a better partner to all of our plan sponsors. certbadge403(b)/457(b) Certified Agents representing National Life Group and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest must go through the following vetting process in order to obtain an official Certified Badge and work with your employees:

• State & Federal civil and criminal background checks with ongoing monthly monitoring
• Education regarding applicable State & Federal regulations for state retirement plans
• 403(b)/457(b) plan fundamentals
• Comprehensive review of solicitation practices
• Behavioral and ethical training

Furthermore, agents must re-certify on an annual basis in order to ensure that their knowledge and skills are top notch. Our ongoing background checks let our schools know that we are recruiting and retaining the best of the best! This puts your employees and your Plan’s education in good hands with agents who are trained to focus on their retirement needs.

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